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Animal Husbandry is an integral component of rural economy contributing substantially to the National G.D.P. to the tune of about 25% of the total agriculture sector. The state tops in the milk production in India . Of the total livestock population U.P. accounts for 24% and 15% of the buffaloe and cattle population respectively.


To provide health cover and containment of diseases through prophylactic, diagnostic and curative service.

To bring about qualitative and quantitative improvement in production potential of livestock through improved breeding practices.

To provide self employment opportunities and subsidiary occupation, in order to ensure sustainable income to rural people.

To encourage occupational diversification of people.

To improve feed and fodder resources through biomass production and silvipasutre development.

Cattle and Buffalo Development

Department is being supported by World Bank through U.P. Diversified Agricultural Support Project for the improvement of Breeding services, conservation of indigenous breeds through establishment of Open Nucleus Breeding System and field milk recording system. The present breeding coverage of 23.6% is targeted to be increased to 40% by the end of IX Five Year Plan. For further information, contact Joint Director, I.C.D.P., Directorate of A.H. Lucknow.

Animal Health Care and Veterinary Services

Presently there is one veterinary hospital for every 21000 livestock population which is targeted to be expanded for 15000 livestock by the end of 11th Five year Plan. There is one central disease diagnostic lab. at Directorate which fuctions as referral lab beside 10 regional labs for disease diagnostic facilities and containment of diseases in the state. Quality treatment services are beingprovided by  nember of veterinary hospitals in the state.

State biological Product Institute is Producing 12 different types (5 Bacterial & 7 Viral) of vaccines for the effective control of diseases in the state. The modern techniques viz. ( Fermentor,Deep Freeze drier) are being adopted in the routine production of the vaccine  and existing labs are being modernized. In addition to this the department of Animal Husbandry is procuring nearly ten million doses of different types of vaccines (FMD, IBD, HS, Rabies, M.D.) from other sources. However we are able to cover only about 30% of the livestock population. Therefore, there is a substantial scope for vaccine production & procurement to cover whole of the livestock population. For further information contact Joint Director (Disease Control), Director of A.H. Lucknow .

Operation Zero Rinderpest

Through the activities of the department i.e. intensive immunization, monitoring and surveillance, Uttar Pradesh has achieved the status of Rinderpest disease fee state. Further with extensive surveillance and clinical search program the state is heading towards Rinderpest infection free status. For f urther information contact Joint Director (Disease Control), Director of A.H. Lucknow.

Poultry Development

Uttar Pradesh is 9th largest producer of eggs in the country and has been able to achieve of late a growth rate of 20%. As a milestone achievement U.P. has become first state of country to give the status of industry to poultry production. For further information contact Joint Director, Poultry, Directorate of A.H. Lucknow.

Sheep and Goat Development

Sheep in U.P. are traditionally reared for wool and meat while goats are primarily for meat. U.P. has a unique resource of indigenous goat breeds like Jamunapari and Barbari while Jamunapari excell in large body size, dual purpose quality, hardiness and ideal for rough village condition, Barbari is known for small size, Stall fed and good quality of meat.

The sheep breeds viz. Ramboullet and Marino are maintained in hilly areas with the objectives to improve  local breeds for the production of fine apparel wool. Nali breed is being maintained in the eastern region for the improvement of local breed to enhance the production of coarse wool for carpet manufacturing. For further information contact Deputy Director, Small Animal, Directorate of A.H. Lucknow.

Pig Development

The cross breeding programmes has been taken up by using Middle White Yorkshire boars to improve the local stock. Mass awareness campaign and extensive training programmes has received major fillip during last five years and there has been a tremendous rise in piggery farms established by educated class of the society. The department has established one piggery development training center at C.D.F. Aligarh.  10 days training programme is being conducted by department free of cost. At this training center the training schedule from 4th to 14th every month is being followed. For application form and admission(High school is minimum qualification) to this course . There are only 30 seats on first come first serve basis. For further information contact Deputy Director, Small Animal, Directorate of A.H. Lucknow. In this institution free hostel facility is also available.

Feed, Fodder and Forage Development

During different plan periods, concerted efforts have been made to popularize nutritious fodder crops by giving various incentives to the farmers like subsidy in fodder demonstration & distribution of fodder seed minikits.For further information contact   Fodder Development Officer at Directorate of Animal Husbandry,Lucknow .

State Epidemiological Unit

For surveillance & monitoring of disease there is extensive network of disease surveillance at division SEU at the apex. The epidemiological unit determines the disease endemic areas, control of outbreaks of animal diseases and its containment. Simultaneously it also helps in containment of zoonotic diseases of public health importance. For any out break the veterinary hospital at field level Chief Vety. Officer at district level, SEU, C.T.O. (EPD) & Joint Director (DC) can be contacted at Directorate level. Phone 329792

Self Employment Schemes

Under Ambedkar Vishesh Rojgar Yojna the department has trained 2071 rural unemployed youths in A.I. Besides this rural unemployed youths are being encouraged to establish milch (Cow, Buff) animals, sheep, goat, pig, and poultry units for self employment and sustained income generation. Project Coordinator AVRY, Directorate of A.H. can be contacted for detail information.

SJRY (Swarn Jayanti Rojgar Yojna)

The objective of SGSY will be to bring the assisted poor families (Swarozgaris) above the poverty line in three years, by providing them income-generating assets through a mix of bank credit and government subsidy. It would mean ensuring that the family has a monthly net income of at least Rs. 2000. Subject to availability of funds, the effort will be to cover 30% of the poor families in each block during the next five years.

Quality will be the hallmark of SGSY, which has to be imaginatively used to bring people above the poverty line.

U.P. Diversified Agricultural Support Project

U.D.D.A.S.P. is a autonomous project by World Bank. In U.P. under Animal Husbandry sector it supports various activities of A.H. by financial & technical help.

U.P. Livestock Development Board

UPLDB comes in picture for rapid growth of livestock breeding and development in 1999. This board is an autonomous but subsidiary wing of A.H.D. under the financial assistance from central govt. for National Project of Cattle & Buffalo Breeding. The board is maintaining the infrastructure of production & supply of semen straw, LN2 and man power etc.

Marketing Development

There are several functions regarding the rate of livestock and livestock by products viz. to collect, compile and publish the average monthly , quarterly and annual reports regarding the rates of selected cities of milk and milk by products, meat and its by product, cattle seeds, cattle feed, green fodder etc. live livestock of various categories too. To maintain the byelaws of cooperative socities and help the desirable persons to form cooperative societies for pig, sheep, poultry and cattle and their by-products. For any other detail contact Livestock Marketing Officer in the marketing section of Directorate of Animal Husbandry, Lucknow.


Under the U.P. Goshala Act 1964 till now 333 Goshalas has been registered. These Goshalas have been established by the public trusts for maintaining old, infirm, unproductive cows and its progeny. Under National Bull Production Programme these Goshalas has been used to produce good quality indigenous bulls and preservation & conservation of indigenous breeds. The central government as well as state government is also assisting these Goshals for cattle development. For detail contact to Registrar, U.P. Goshala cum Goshala Development Officer, Directorate of Animal Husbandry, Lucknow.

Goseva Ayog

Goseva Avog has been established in U.P. for the conservation of Cow breed as well as to promote Goshala etc. total ban on cow or its progeny slaughter and illegal transportation of cattle. For detail Chairman, Goseva Ayog, 1203 Mantri Awas, Dalibagh, Lucknow may be contacted.

Training Facilities


One month Poultry Training                                              Chakganjaria, Lucknow


Ten day Poultry Training                                                   Chakganjaria, Lucknow


Ten Days Piggery Training                                                C.D.F. Aligarh


2 month to 3 month inseminator training/private training.


Poultry Training

The training programme is now proposed to be classified in two parts :

  1. Training for the departmental staff.
  2. Training for the poultry farmers.
  3. There is one month certificate course of poultry training for Livestock Extension Officer and private poultry breeders at Chakganjaria, Lucknow.

    1. No fees charge for pultry training.
    2. Hostel facilities are free.
    3. After completing the one month course. Director of Animal Husbandry issue certificate.
    4. For filling registration form :
    5. Need – a. Photocopy of  High School certificate.
                 b. Passport size photograph.

    6. 20 seats for one batch.
    7. 10 batches in a year.

10 days poultry training programme in I.P.D.P. (Intensive Poultry Development Programme) district for poultry breeders.

Under S.T.R.Y. – 10 days poultry training programme for poultry breeders.

Feed and Fodder

a. Minikit fodder seed distribution from Vety. Hosp.
b. Biomass & silvipasture development from Vety. Hosp.
c. Urea-Mollasses treatment from Vety. Hosp.

Other facilities on Nominal/Levy

bulletHealth care & treatment.
bulletLarge & small animal surgery & radiography.
bulletArtificial Insemination.
bulletProphylactic Vaccination.
bulletTreatment of reproductive disorder.
bulletMass Drenching for worm control.
bulletCow & Buff. bulls, Ram, Buck, Boar etc. natural service to livestock in remote areas.


bulletCash prize to elite breeders in livestock & poultry shown for top quality breeds.
bulletGrant-in-aid to selected Goshalas.
bulletRearing of indigenous male calves.
bulletAid to sheep & poultry coop. societies.
bulletNatural breeding centers in Bundelkhand & hill area.

Levy and Service Charges

Description of

Rates w.e.f. 1st April, 2000(In Rupees)

Artificial Insemination


At head quarter


At door service


Natural Service










Castration (at head quarter)


Large Animals


Small Animals


Castration (at door step)


Large animals


Small animals


















F.P. (Fowl Pox)


Swine Fever




Sheep Pox






Large Animals


Small Animals




Physical Checkup






Animal Feed Analysis


Pathological Tests








Information about State Livestock Farms

Name & Address

Area (Hect.)

Livestock & facilities

Arazilines, Varanasi


Gangatiri & Gangatiri X Jersey; Piggery(crossbred), Keeping & conservation. Fodder & seed culture & production.

Ata, Jalaun, Bull rearing Farm


Sahiwal, Hariana, Tharparkar & Cross bred calf and Sheep (Nali). Fodder & seed culture & production.

Babugarh, Ghaziabad


Hariana, Jersey, Hariana X Jersey. Keeping & conservation DFS center. Fodder & seed culture & production.

Bharari, Jhansi


Tharparkar, Thar. X Jersey and Sheep (Nali) Keeping & conservation. Fodder & seed culture & production.

Chakganjaria, Lucknow


Sahiwal, Sahiwal X Jersey, Keeping & conservation Horse, Ass, Poultry, DFS, 3 months poultry training & LEOs training center, progeny testing scheme. Fodder & seed culture & production.

Hastinapur, Meerut


Murrah buff., Hariana X Jersey Keeping & conservation. Fodder & seed culture & production.

Manjhra, Lakhimpur


Murrah buff. Keeping & conservation. Fodder & seed production.

Niblet, Barabanki, Corentine Station


Treatment of Brucella disease animals available in different farms. DFS center, piggery. Fodder & seed culture & production. Rice production.

Neelgaon, Sitapur


Murrah buff., Hariana, Hariana X Jersey cow Keeping & conservation. Piggery unit. Fodder & seed culture & production.

Saidpur, Lalitpur


Bhadawari buff & Hariana cow Keeping & conservation. Sheep (Nali). Fodder & seed culture & production.

Sheep Breeding Farm, Bhainsora


Sheep (Nali), fodder prodution.

Bhadawari farm, Etawah


Bhadawari buff., Jamunapari goat and important indigenous breed conservation, fodder production